Dogs for Sale:

We have no dogs for sale currently! Thank you.

Dogs for Adoption:

It happens every year: one of our dogs is ready to hang up their harness and move to a couch.

Some notes about adopting our dogs:

  • We place without a fee, the fit and the home is more important. However, we welcome sponsorship of the dogs in lieu!

  • The adjustment period from living in a pack of dogs to living in a home can be rough. It requires incredible patience and understanding from you. These dogs are also incredibly connected to their ‘person’, so if you are willing to take the leap they will pay you back in millions.

  • Each dog is unique. Some of them are ok with cats, some of them are not. Some of them love kids, some of them do not. Some of them are great on leashes….but most of them are not!


Fanzine: Fanzine is an angel. She is unbelievably sweet and kind to all humans, and many visitors to the dogyard have gotten sucked into her gravitational pull of love and never quite emerged. Fanzine is very connected to her humans, and very friendly. Fanzine is great off-leash, and is small enough to manage on a leash as well. Fanzine would do best in a home with or without dogs, I have not tried her around cats yet but I suspect she’d be…..interested, but able to be trained out of cat-chasing. Fanzine would be fabulous in a home with children or youngsters. Fanzine is 6 years old and will be turning 7 in December.

You can read more about Fanzine’s racing and personality here.

Interested in learning more? Please get in touch.