Dogs for Sale:


Freckles: Freckles is an intelligent, strong 1 year old girl who is the most driven of her siblings. Freckles has a beautiful thick coat, loves eating and drinking, and in her second run in harness was already yanking against the gang line. Freckles, and her siblings, share the best qualities in sled dogs: incredibly friendly and social, insane eaters, eager to please, and really easy to train and work with. Their attitudes are just unparalleled. Freckles would do great in any kennel, and I’m letting her go partly because of numbers but also because she is the smaller of the four puppies and would likely have a hard time keeping up with the larger dogs in the team. However, while she is small she is also incredibly muscled and solid and recently weighed in at 55 pounds. Of the four puppies, given her drive and attitude for learning, Freckles has the greatest potential to be trained as a leader. Freckles is spayed, up to date on shots, and would be placed for a small fee. Please get in touch if you are interested in adding Freckles to your team, and we can talk more.

Born: 4/2/18, Bolt (Brenda Mackey) x Fanzine (Denis Tremblay). Both of her parents are two of the toughest, friendliest dogs I’ve ever had.

Freckles found a home! Thanks Jenny, TJ, Shue and Jump!

Dogs for Adoption:

It happens every year: one of our dogs is ready to hang up their harness and move to a couch.

Some notes about adopting our dogs:

  • We place without a fee, the fit and the home is more important. However, we welcome sponsorship of the dogs in lieu!

  • The adjustment period from living in a pack of dogs to living in a home can be rough. It requires incredible patience and understanding from you. These dogs are also incredibly connected to their ‘person’, so if you are willing to take the leap they will pay you back in millions.

  • Each dog is unique. Some of them are ok with cats, some of them are not. Some of them love kids, some of them do not. Some of them are great on leashes….but most of them are not!


Hilde: Hilde is…..unique. Unique not just because she’s from Norway, the country, but because she is an insecure little odd girl. Hilde would do best with someone who is incredibly dog savvy, and patient in building trust. Hilde could do well in a home with other male dogs as she is an alpha female. Hilde is good with cats, but not with children. Hilde is five years old, and could also continue to race on a small team as well. Having spent a fair amount of time inside, Hilde is a sled dog who knows what a dog bed is! Hilde has a home! Thank you Amanda and Adam (and Dale)

Learn more about Hilde here.

Tawhio: Tawhio is a retiree looking to be re-homed. Tawhio is an older gentlemen, about to turn 12, but barely is showing his age. He was placed in a home a few years ago, but it turned out to be a bad fit so he’s back and looking for the next couch to call home. Tawhio is low-maintenance and literally is just looking for a couch and a lap. He gives great hugs and sits on command. He is a very strong puller on a leash, still. Tawhio would be good with kids, other dogs, and cats if introduced properly. Tawhio is a super friendly dog and I would anticipate very little transition issues, and the good news is that since he’s so houndy his emotions are really easy to read. Tawhio has a home!


Ellie: Ellie is a pint-sized bundle of joy and sass and is incredibly intelligent. She’s a smaller dog, and would be great either on her own, or in a home with other dogs as long as it’s not with a dominant female. She is insanely friendly and loves kids and people. She is great off-leash and is tiny enough that on-leash she’s easy to manage. I recently tested Ellie for Lyme/ etc and she came back negative. Ellie is about to turn seven. She was one of my main lead dogs for a number of years. Ellie is so outgoing and people-focused that I think she’d transition really quickly to a new home. Her race bio is here.

Ellie has a home! Thank you Greg, Dayna and Gunnar!


Nibbler: Nibbler is a serious, sweet, gentle soul. She used to be unbelievably shy, but over the years has come out of her shell. Nibbler is good loose, and listens well, but because she can still be shy and quirky you’d need to bond with her a lot first before working with her loose. Nibbler is retiring early because she tweaked a muscle in her back in a way that makes me reluctant to put her in a harness again. Nibbler, because of her shyness and stoic-ness, would require a patient dog-savvy adopter who is willing to work with her. Nibbler would do great in a home with other dogs, probably less so with kids. Nibbler is just about to turn 6. Her race bio is here.

Nibbler has a home! Thank you Leigh.