It’s been a busy summer here!

So. Many. Puppies.

2019 welcomed two litters: another litter of chunky monkeys from Fanzine, with Hawkeye as their dad, and a litter from Aurora, with Zippo fathering the NINE puppies. Why two litters? Were they planned? Yes, they were. Aurora and Zippo has been a breeding plan since last fall, and the puppies Fanzine raised last year are just phenomenal dogs that I wanted more of, and, likewise, I wanted to continue Hawkeye’s presence in the team beyond his retirement. Thus, I sacrificed my sanity, invested in the future, and took the plunge. Welcome to the Mahoosucs (Fanzine x Hawkeye) and the Jersey Shore (Aurora x Zippo)!

While most of these puppies are staying here, a small handful of them are going to good friends and fantastic homes.

Mahoosuc Litter:

Fanzine (Tremblay) x Hawkeye (Mackey): Born 6/26/19

Three boys, three girls: Speck! Pond, Wocket, Carlo, Marian Pychowska, Gentian, and Page.

These pups are big, like their father, and friendly little buggers like their mother. They are also incredibly calm, a trait I adore in Hawkeye. They are a sleek, leggy bunch that respond really quickly and are very loyal and connected, and their coloring is a lot of throw-back to the Canadian huskies in Fanzine’s family. Speck! is always the first to request being held, and happily stays there. Marian and Page are usually vying for the front of the pack, Carlo is the most social of the bunch trotting up to new people and dogs, Gentian is a little pistol with the happiest grin, and Wocket is the biggest of them all, chubby and solid and with his father’s apprehension about new things.

The Mahoosucs are the mountain range that we live at the base of, they also are the mountain range where I spent the majority of my backcountry management career. They are a rugged, wild, and tough series of mountains, and the place where the dogs and I still go for almost all of our hikes. These names are the ponds, ledges and cols of the range (the Mahoosucs have a LOT of ponds!), and Marian Pychowska and her mother Lucia were some of the first explorers of these mountains in the 1880s.

Thank you Jessica Kizmann for giving a loving home to Gentian!

Jersey Shore Litter:

Aurora (Stielstra) x Zippo (Hendricks): Born 7/25/19

Five boys, four girls: Bruce Springsteen, Fried Dough, Carlson, Jameson, Riptide, Skee Ball, Coppertone, Manasquan, and Tappan Zee.

At only three weeks old, these pups were displaying the friendly persistent tail-wag that defines Aurora and her sisters. As they’ve grown, they are starting to show their Zippo-ness and are monster eaters and constantly in motion—some of them are already (ahem, Squan and Jameson) launching themselves uncontrollably at my face, just like their dad. Their coloring is primarily from their father’s side, a color scheme my friend Chase calls ‘junkyard dogs.’ They were so alike that it was four weeks before I could begin to tell them fully apart. All of the pups are healthy and strong, and Aurora is an exceptional mother. Nine puppies is a big litter and definitely abnormal for these dogs, but considering Aurora was a litter of 8 and Zippo was a litter of 9, I think I can guess why this litter was so big….

I had originally chosen a theme for this litter based on the Northern Presidentials, the other mountain range that defined my backcountry career and also the other place I turn to for hikes with the dogs. However, the same night these pups were born, my godmother Suzy died after two years of cancer. Suzy was one of the women who had raised me, and stepped into that role when my mother died. Suzy, also, was an unrelenting cheerleader for the team and loved the dogs and was hoping to adopt a retiree when the right one came up. In honor of so many summers spent with Suzy at the Jersey Shore, welcome to the Jersey Shore (the place, not the reality TV show) litter.

Thanks to Mary Beth Logue and Martin Massicotte for sharing the wealth of puppies! Coppertone and Dough are already with Mary Beth, and the two for Martin are still TBD.