From day one, Jumbotron was a mama's boy. First to latch onto Fanzine, and the first to start crying for the milk bar when she moved around. As he was weaned, Jumbotron then latched onto me, which is fine by me! Jumbotron is growing into a solid strong leggy boy, reminding me so much in build like his papa Bolt. During puppy walks, Jumbotron spends a lot of time desperately trying to get his sisters to pay attention to him, and also trying to get me to pick him up as much as possible. 

'Jumbotron' was Sawyer's nickname for Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes, Hugo is one of our favorite characters for his big heart, great one-liners, and disinterest in power politics. 



Orchid was Jumbotron's shadow during the first few weeks, pushing her way to the milk bar and usually found sneaking under Fanzine's tail to hog the warmest spot. Orchid has a smile like her mama Fanzine, a rear end like her papa Bolt, and definitely possesses her mom's lust for adventure. Orchid is a smarty-pants and the one most likely to avoid new people, until she is convinced they are worth her time. 

'Orchid' was a science station on the island in LOST, and I turned to the science stations as Sawyer's nicknames for girls were a little demeaning, but I had also kept a list of the science stations as a possible litter theme as well. The Orchid station was one of the last to appear in the show, and was a science station where the Dharma Initiative studied time travel, and also grew flowers.  



Freckles is a disruptor, and is always the first to instigate scuffles among her siblings, even at only three weeks old. She gets that fierce streak from her mom, and is built like a little tank. Freckles is determined and until she realized I always had kibble in my pockets during puppy walks, the most likely to completely ignore me. Something tells me that while she might not have the legginess of her siblings, she has a fire inside that will surprise us all when she joins the team. 

'Freckles' was Sawyer's nickname for Kate, another one of the main characters in the show, and also the only nickname that he used consistently--most of his nicknames were new every time. Kate was a tough tomboy, the only woman who regularly lead expeditions into the jungle and had some of the best survival skills of any of the characters. 



Hoss was the squishiest of all the puppies, with fat rolls I could see and grab with my hand. As he matured, he has grown into a lean racy machine, and the puppy chub is gone. Hoss is devoted, fast, and floats above the drama of his siblings. He is a light boned, leggy boy, who usually leads us on puppy walks, forging the path ahead when his siblings tend to get easily distracted by things. 

'Hoss' is a nickname that Sawyer gave to just about everyone, and was his fallback nickname when he didn't know someone enough to give them a personalized nickname.