2019 Race Plans to come soon!!

Looking back at the 2018 Race Season......

Eagle Lake 100, Eagle Lake, ME

12 dogs, 100 miles, January 13th

I am so thrilled that some dedicated mushers and volunteers are bringing this race back to life! These early-season 100 mile races are my favorite kind, with mushers showing up for the first time to share the trail together. The last time this race ran in 2015, we came in 4th, and it was the first time Wembley led the majority of a race. Looking forward to this race's return!! 

8th place out of 11 teams, read the write-up of this race here

Wilderness 60, Greenville, ME

12 dogs, 60 miles, February 3rd

This race is such a fun race, the community really comes out and supports it, and the organizers put so much work into making it a full-day event that celebrates all things winter. This race also takes place on the trails of my former employer, the Appalachian Mountain Club, so it always feels a little bit like coming home. 

Unfortunately this race was canceled due to lack of snow.

UP200, Marquette, MI

12 dogs, 240 miles, February 16th

Well, shoot. I tried. I tried SO HARD to not sign up for this race. 

Why can't I resist it? So many reasons. The great list of mushers who have signed up already, the wonderful and amazing volunteers who make the race happen, the magic carpet ride of the Upper Peninsula, and the adventure of traveling across Canada to get there. And, also, it's Hyside's favorite race in the whole world. All of these things add up to an irresistible race! 

13th place out of 18 teams. Read the write-up of this race here.

Can Am 100, Fort Kent, ME

10 dogs, 100 miles, March 3

Yup. You read that right. We're running the Can Am 100 this year. While it's been fun, and I've learned a lot from the past three Can Am 250 finishes, it's time for a change, and I'm looking forward to experiencing this new 100 mile race format. 

11th place out of 18 teams. 

Defi Taiga 140, Fermont, Quebec

10 dogs, 140 miles, March 17th

I have heard so much about this race from other mushers, and am looking at this race as great training for future race goals in harsher tundra environments. This one involves two full days of driving to get there, including a long haul on a woods road that we'll be traveling in a caravan with other mushers. We can't wait for this adventure! 

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