Racing 2019

We are staying local this year! All of our races are in New England. I am looking forward to spending the winter close to home.

 Coming into Moose Point Camps in 2018

Coming into Moose Point Camps in 2018

Eagle Lake 100, January 19th, Eagle Lake Maine

12 dogs, 100 miles

Thanks to some dedicated volunteers and mushers, we have a fantastic start-of-season 100 miler again! Thanks hardworking Eagle Lake race committee.

This race is one of the toughest 100 mile races out there, and is a true 100 miles—last year my GPS logged it at 110 miles. Plowed roads, steep trail, snowmobile trail and soft dog-trail-only trail. Crossing a paved road at the very end in the dark! All in the course of a good race. Last year we also had the bonus excitement of overflow and open water.

One of the best parts of this race is the remote checkpoint of Moose Point Camps, who generously open up just for the race and offer stew, a warm fireplace, and some sweet secluded little rest areas for the dogs.

Wilderness Race, February 3rd, Greenville Maine

12 dogs, 70 miles

Well, if one believes in patterns, this race tends to run every-other-year because of snow. 2015 and 2017 were the last recent runnings of the race, so maybe 2019 it’ll run again!

But seriously, this is a fun race because of the community support, beautiful remote and quiet non-motorized trails on the Appalachian Mountain Club reserve, and the fact that the race starts and finishes at a lodge. This is a fun race to mix things up without a checkpoint.

 Wilderness Race 2017, Hyside and Wembley in lead

Wilderness Race 2017, Hyside and Wembley in lead


Can Am 250, March 2, Fort Kent Maine

12 dogs, 250 miles

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

After taking a break from this race, it turns out I really missed it. I missed the challenge, the remoteness, and the feel and texture of some of those checkpoints. I, also, missed being out on the trail and working with the team through all those challenges. Races like this one are true tests of the dogs, and of teamwork. Ariel and Aurora can’t wait to take on those last runs to Allagash!