Sponsored in memory of Brody

Aurora is Ariel’s sister, and if Ariel is serious than Aurora is stone-cold. The Princesses are a serious group of sisters, restrained except for a fast-moving wagging tail. Aurora is one of the most driven lead dogs I’ve worked with in recent years, never looking back and driving the speed uphill. Once she settled in, she became the whip-smart command leader, taking every turn with a whisper of a command. Aurora and her sister Ariel are an incredible pair in lead, moving in perfect sync.

It is difficult to pull out what makes Aurora unique, without referring to her sister, because Aurora and Ariel are so bonded and similar. Aurora does have a degree of reasoning that Ariel seems to lack, and I’ve watched Ariel cannonball forward while Aurora thinks things through. Both sisters possess an incredible endurance, intelligence, and vocal opinions about the things important to them: food, running, and hugs.

Aurora comes to the team after leading Iditarod with Laura Neese, and left the 1,000 mile race circuit because Laura sensed Aurora would be happier in shorter races. I am so thrilled that Aurora is here, with her sister and her daughter Fauna.

Aurora, and Ariel, were the ‘Disney Princess’ litter bred by the Stielstras. The funniest part about that litter was that it was all girls, with exactly one boy, who was named ‘Prince Charming’ and is one of the least-driven of the entire litter.

Race Experience:

Beargrease Marathon

Yukon Quest 1,000 mile race 2018
Iditarod 1,000 mile race 2017 and 2016

Born: 2013
Solomon (Little) x Swann (Stielstra)