Photos, articles, and more....

Below find links to articles where we've been featured


Michigan Country Lines, Cover Photo and Story on the UP200.


NH Public Radio, a beautiful story on what it means to be a musher in a small town. 


Sled Dog Info, profile of the dogs.

The Conservation Fund (aka my employer!), blog post about how I got into mushing and how and why it is critically important to my 'day job.' 


The Berlin Daily Sun, On presenting She's the Top Dog. 

Fiddlehead FocusQuoted from the Can Am 250 Finishers Banquet. 

T.E.L.L. New England, 'Meet the Local' feature article. There are some amazing photos of the team in this article! 

ABC UP News, Quoted from the UP200 Finishers Banquet. 

The Mining Journal, quoted before the 2017 UP200.

Portland Press Herald, photo from the Wilderness Race


Union Leader, profile on Sally and the dogs, as well as the 'She's the Top Dog' project.

The Take, a full profile piece and feature.

The Take, 'She's the Top Dog'. 

NH Magazine, Top 10 Things to Do in September (for 'She's the Top Dog')

Berlin Daily Sun, Q and A season wrap up. 

WMUR Escape Outside, feature article on our race at the Can Am 250 2016

Bangor Daily News, photo from the start of the Can Am 250 2016

Bangor Daily News, discussing gender and distance racing, and the Can Am 250. 

Upper Michigan Source, interviewed about the UP200 before the race.

New Hampshire Public Radio, coverage of the Mahoosuc 100 2016 Race.