So often, we get the question…...

'But...there aren't any "pines" out here?'

The origin of the name is in a private joke in the Manikian family. In addition to living with the 20 Shady Pines dogs, Sally lives with and cares for her disabled brother and sister. Her brother's favorite all-time TV show is the Golden Girls, and partially as a way to connect her canine family and her human family, and partially because it made her laugh, when the first dogs moved in she named the kennel Shady Pines. For those uninitiated in the importance and symbolism, Shady Pines was the nursing home that Sofia burned down in the TV show, in an act of accidental rebellion.

The name continues to serve its purpose to define what we find important as a team: things like family, unconventional wild women, and, of course, a really good sense of humor.