Race Team

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It’s all about the dogs:

A small but mighty group, the Shady Pines Dogs are a strong, fast and happy bunch.

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Team Sponsors:

Terry and Connie Eddy, in memory of Zuni.

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Lead Dogs

Lead dogs are not only the first pretty face you see at the front of a team, they are the ones that set the pace, make decisions, and ignore everything else around them except the trail ahead. They come in all shapes and sizes, and both genders, and each of them shine in different circumstances.

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Team Dogs

Team dogs are the engines. They are the support crew, the speed drivers, the invisible leaders-from-behind, and the bruisers at the back of the team. Team dogs have unique skills of their own, and without team dogs it would be leaders and a musher. This year, the Shady Pines team dogs are an average age of 4 years old, with a strong crew of two year olds and some solid 4 year olds. The seniority lies with Hawkeye, who has been in the team the longest, with backup from the mighty four year olds Oriana, Rocky, and Inferno. The not-yearlings-anymore group of Flora, Fauna, Joan Didion, Spiller and Willie Jr are ready to show their stuff! This is going to be a great year.

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‘Yearlings’ are a dog that is old enough to run, but less than two years old. This year the first-ever Shady Pines litter, the LOST litter, are going to become sled dogs! The past few years, and this year, I’ve asked talented musher friends to train the yearlings. While it’s hard for me to not be part of that first year in harness, I also know that I have more than enough on my hands training the adults. Thank you to Lynne Witte for training these pups this year!

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