Bolt! Oh Bolt. Bolt is such a sweet, fuzzy, loving boy. Bolt came from my friend Brenda Mackey, also where Inferno, Hawkeye, and Victor Hugo came from. While recently I have gotten young dogs from Brenda, Bolt is five years old and came off of her main team. He is amazingly strong and moves like a dream, and is so light on his feet. He also gives some of the best head-burrowing hugs. Bolt is a tough dog with an insane love of food, and has one of the best grins of everyone, which he has passed onto his puppies. (Photo by Lauren Dobish Photography)

Race Experience:


Born: 2012
Champ (Mackey) x Sally (Kleeden)

Father of the ‘Lost’ litter: Jumbotron, Orchid, Hoss and Freckles