Sponsored by Deb Rodgers and Chris Garby

Egan is a sweet, flop-eared pile of muscle, a loping happy hound hailing from Jake Golton in Ontario. Egan was the result of me trying to buy Jake’s lead dog Luke, which of course Jake refused to do but was kind enough to let this boy go. Egan has brought back the houndy personality previously held by other hounds Maihi and Tawhio, and is found in the front seat of the cab when traveling.

Egan is a confident front-end dog, and I’ve already noticed a boost in speed when he’s towards the front. A friend has given him his new nickname, ‘Tigger’, for how he bounces around the truck and team during hook up with a grin on his face. Egan also has a beautiful set of marbled blue and brown eyes, and has a sweet little donut-curl up when he rubs up against your leg with his tail wagging.

Born: 2013

Sid (Holmberg) x Clyde (Golton)