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Fanzine is an angel made of iron. Her sweetness and love of people is paired with an indestructible toughness and resilience that I have come to truly appreciate in the year she’s been with us. Fanzine is very talkative, and will respond with a full sentence of commentary when I ask the team if it’s time to go again after a break. Fanzine hails from Quebec, representing the best bloodlines of Denis Tremblay and Julie Albert, and is the mom of the first litter: Jumbotron, Hoss, Freckles and Orchid.Perhaps one of the best examples of Fanzine’s toughness is how she finished the UP200 while two weeks pregnant. (Image by Lauren Dobish Photography)

Fanzine, like many of Julie and Denis’ dogs, was named after cartoons, the French cartoon ‘Asterix and Obelix.’

Race Experience:

Beargrease Marathon
Can Am 250

Eagle Lake 100

Born: 2012
Gab (Tremblay) x Jenny (Tremblay)

Mother of the ‘Lost’ litter: Jumbotron, Hoss, Orchid and Freckles