Fauna beast! Fauna is turning out to have some of the best characteristics of her mom, Aurora. Fauna is serious, calm, friendly, and possesses a crackling fire within. Fauna also possesses one of the most defining characteristics of the Princesses: intense eye contact paired with a wagging tail and a ‘roo-roo.’

Fauna spent her yearling winter doing tours at our local kennel, and she quickly became one of their go-to dogs. Fauna always ran in point, right behind the leaders, and even led some runs. Fauna became the top-dog there, and she’s had a little bit of an awakening readjusting back home and realizing she’s not top-dog anymore. Fauna has grown up into a beautiful strong dog, and I can’t wait to see how she does in racing training this year.

I got Fauna at the same time as her cousin Flora. Once I decided to keep Flora’s name, ‘Fauna’ just rolled right off the tongue.

Born: 2017

Parents: Baker (Berkowitz) x Aurora (Stielstra)