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Flora is all enthusiasm, all the time. She is a sweet, bouncing, high energy girl, who needs to know that people love her, and is extremely loyal. She is a beautiful dog with a reddish-black fuzzy coat, and is built like an all-terrain vehicle. Flora gets her coloring from her dad Sugar, who is Baker lines, and her personality from her mom Maple, who is Laura Neese’s main lead dog for all things but notably for the 1,000 mile race the Yukon Quest.

Flora spent her yearling winter doing tours at our local tour kennel. She left as a goofy, easily excited and easily overwhelmed tiny toy of a dog, but came back with a quiet confidence. She never fully adapted to working in the tour teams, so boy was I surprised when she came back home and declared herself a racing dog…..and a lead dog. When I sit with her in the evenings, I sense that loyalty and love that I’ve seen Maple share with Laura. Flora is a very special dog.

Flora was named after a character in Laura Neese’s favorite show The Andy Griffith Show. Out of respect for Laura and Maple’s connection, I kept Flora’s name, which I don’t usually do with puppies.

Born: 2017

Parents: Sugar Daddy (Berkowitz) x Maple (Berkowitz)