Freckles has always been a little bit different from her siblings. A little bit smarter, a little bit more calculated, a little bit calmer. And, also, a little bit smaller.

As a puppy, Freckles was the disruptor, always throwing her weight around and cannonballing into her siblings. She is unbelievably driven, partly in the way that some smaller dogs are, but also possessing the crackling fire from her mom Fanzine. Freckles has a beautiful coat, with long fur like her Uncle Inferno, and a slight reddish tinge to the black.

On the show LOST, Freckles was the nickname for Kate, one of the leads in the show. Kate was a tough woman, the one most willing to lead expeditions into the jungle and was extremely loyal to her friends.

Born: 2018
Bolt (Mackey) x Fanzine (Tremblay)