Handsome Mr Hoss. Hoss was the squishiest of the puppies, with crinkled rolls of fat and slow movement. When originally I was going to part with some of the puppies, I had chosen Hoss as one of the ones I would let go. However, as he grew into a leggy beautiful dog with a soft and fuzzy coat, I’m glad he’s here!

Hoss as a puppy had the smoothest running of his littermates, and on his first few runs in harness was the most driven and the hardest worker. Hoss, also, has a little bit of a ‘big guy’ attitude and needs to be running next to a dog that can hold their own, like Loki.

Hoss has always been eager to please, like his siblings, and what distinguishes him from his goofy brother Jumbotron is a quiet confidence. Where Jumbo insists on being at my side, Hoss is more interested in charging ahead.

From the LOST litter, ‘Hoss' is a nickname that Sawyer gave to just about everyone, and was his fallback nickname when he didn't know someone enough to give them a personalized nickname. 

Born: 2018
Bolt (Mackey) x Fanzine (Tremblay)