Inferno at the start of the Can Am 250 2017.

Inferno at the start of the Can Am 250 2017.


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As he turns three years old. Inferno has finally started to settle down a bit. Inferno came from Brenda Mackey in Alaska, traveling as a 7 month old pup and was such a blur of fuzzy movement that his transporters couldn’t snap a photo of him for me. He is very intelligent and attentive and curious, and emerged from the yearling pack as the 'best all round' for his understanding of routines and the seriousness with which he approached his job. Inferno comes from a line of leaders and has definitely shown he has what it takes. After rising to lead for the leading the majority of Can Am 250 in 2017, he led a bunch of ATV runs, and has shown confidence in returning to lead for sled runs. In the team in general, Inferno is a tough happy and serious constant, finishing every race he starts and growing stronger along the way. Inferno, also, is the only dog that loves to swim like a fish and actively seeks out rivers and ponds to swim in during summer hikes. (Photo by Lauren Dobish Photography)

Race Experience:

Eagle Lake 100
Can Am 100

Can Am 250

Born: 2015
Champ (Mackey) x Salt (Mackey)