After the Can Am 250 in 2019, when we scratched due to lack of leadership for the first time in five years, Ward Wallin sat me down and said ‘you need leaders, I’m going to help you’ and gave me Jasmine. I had known Jasmine’s brother Jax, a large rangy spotty dog I had seen race with my friends Matt and Erin. Ward got up from the table and I turned to Erin, who said ‘I’d take Jasmine.’

Jasmine has a reserved nature, rarely jumping around or leaping on people and preferring to make herself known by hollering at you. When she first arrived she was very vocal, but as she slowly settled in she swapped the whining for smiling. Jasmine, according to Colleen and Ward, has a mind of her own and from what I’ve seen I would describe it as two raised eyebrows and a sigh. Jasmine is focused and driven in the front end of the team, and so far has gotten along with everyone and is spending her summer next to Ariel. A short-coated dog, Jasmine particularly loves being brushed by my grooming gloves.

Jasmine was the ‘J’ litter, including her brother Jax. Sometimes mushers name an entire litter with the same first letter, to keep track of litters over the years.

Race experience:
Jasmine ran in most of the Wallins racing teams, including the UP200, Beargrease, and Can Am. The Can Am 250 2019 was the first time she was dropped, according to Ward.

Born: 2014
Zeus (Peppler) x Cocoa (Wallin)