Joan Didion

Joan is a live wire. Trying to pet Joan, even though she LOVES attention, is usually a chaotic experience, with her trying to chew on everything I’m wearing while also trying to go hunting in the bucket I’m carrying while also squeaking and squealing, her tail in constant wagging motion. Joan is a cheerleader for sure, but she’s still learning how to do her job well and work in a team. As one of the most gifted athletes of the 2 year olds, I am really hoping she figures it out.

Joan is one of the most insane eaters I’ve seen, devouring whatever is in her bowl and drinking like crazy. She’s also extremely friendly with people, but when on the run in the woods prefers to ignore meeting new people. When hiking with her, she’s often waaaaay up out of sight, but zooms in for a check in before zooming off again. After training last year with Al in Michigan, I’m looking forward to the year ahead and seeing how she matures.

Born: 2017
Parents: Dupa (Groeneveld) x Vamp (Gadreau)

Joan Didion is one of my favorite essayists, a strong female writer and political writer from the 1970s, and known more recently for her writings on grief and illness.