In every generation, there is one of those puppies that, well, I might baby just a little bit more than the others. In the LOST litter, that was Jumbotron. Jumbo has grown into a beautiful dog, with an effortless and flawless trot.

Jumbo is, unsurprisingly, the largest of the four puppies and has been so since birth. Like his siblings, Jumbotron is eager to please and perhaps remains the most eager to please of all. All of the puppies learned to sit for their supper, and Jumbotron is the one who still sits the most consistently. Jumbotron has an uncontrollable high-pitched whine that he uses for everything he wants: me, food, running, going for walks, or the attention of Freckles. It’s his happy squeal, and it’s always amusing when I hear him erupt into a noise he doesn’t make often, which is a loud deep bark.

Jumbotron and I are very connected, and when going on walks Jumbo usually is walking right alongside me, and he’s tall enough where I can trace his back without bending over.

Jumbotron was one of Sawyer’s nicknames for the character Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes. Hugo is one of the favorite of the LOST characters for his great one-liners, immense empathy and caring for others, and disinterest in power politics and strategy.

Born: 2018
Bolt (Mackey) x Fanzine (Tremblay)