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Squiggeldly wiggeldly slinky Rocky.

Rocky was, interestingly enough, one of two dogs offered to me by Brenda Mackey in 2016. One of them was going to end up in the hands of Laura Neese and be brought to Can Am. The dog that ended up being sent to me was non other than the famous Inferno.

Rocky settled right into the team, and by December was quickly one of my favorite dogs for his positive attitude, ridiculous need for rubbing his face on the gang line, and how he curls into a donut when you try to take his harness off. Like all of the dogs I’ve gotten from Brenda, he is unbelievably happy and is just an all-round good sled dog: he eats, he pulls hard, and he’s one tough dog. His first year in the team, Rocky learned a lot: how to ride in (and get into) a dog box, how to rest at a checkpoint, and how to haul uphill. Rocky ran most of the time with his cousin Inferno, and they were a perfectly matched pair in size, age, and attitude.

Rocky’s sheer love for the world is contagious, and I must admit I find myself drawn to him and giving him more attention than others. Rocky loves hiking and rolling in moss, and gets along with everyone.

Born: 2015
Flash (Mackey) x Minty (Mackey)

Race Record:
Beargrease Marathon
Can Am 250