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Squiggeldly wiggeldly slinky Rocky. I had 17 dogs in training. I just couldn't say no to this face and this boy.

Rocky was, interestingly enough, one of two dogs offered to me by Brenda Mackey in 2016. One of them was going to end up in the hands of Laura Neese and be brought to Can Am. The dog that ended up being sent to me was non other than the famous Inferno.

Rocky has the calm focus I have come to love in dogs from Brenda, starting with Hawkeye and continued in Inferno and Bolt and Victor. Rocky has his own unique set of traits, though, and is starting to stand out as one of the hardest workers in the team, leaning so hard into his harness as we drive uphill.

I'm still getting to know this sweet boy, and what he brings, but I am so happy he is here and that he is fitting in so well.

Born: 2015
Flash (Mackey) x Minty (Mackey)