As a puppy, I used to joke that Orchid was my ‘little Siberian’, as she is this solid tank with a curly Siberian tail. Orchid definitely has a grin like her mama Fanzine, and a solid build like her papa Bolt. Bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, Orchid is the one of the four puppies that always struggled the most with the ‘sit’ command, and with learning how to not crawl all over me now that she’s a solid 60 pound girl.

Orchid is what we call in mushing an ‘easy keeper,’ as a few bites of food and she’s able to maintain her layer of chub. She inherited this from her mom, and paired with the appetite of her papa she’s going to have no problem maintaining her weight in long races. As a puppy, Orchid was usually spotted hogging the warm spot just under Fanzine’s tail, and right behind her brother Jumbotron in pushing forward for food.

In her first few times in harness, Orchid’s movement reminds me a lot of her father Bolt, a rhythmic trot. I can’t wait to see how she does in her first year.

'Orchid' was a science station on the island in LOST, and I turned to the science stations as Sawyer's nicknames for girls were a little demeaning, but I had also kept a list of the science stations as a possible litter theme as well. The Orchid station was one of the last to appear in the show, and was a science station where the Dharma Initiative studied time travel, and also grew flowers.

Born: 2018
Bolt (Mackey) x Fanzine (Tremblay)