Spiller has earned the nickname ‘the hall monitor’ for her policing of her teammates behaviors. Is her partner not working hard enough? She barks at them. Is her partner scooping snow? She barks at them. Does her partner try to stop to poop? Yep. You got it. She barks at them. Spiller is a dog that takes her job very seriously, and does so with pure joy. 

But don't be fooled into thinking she's all business all the time--Spillers other nickname is ‘kitten’ because she can curl perfectly into my lap. If Spiller loves you, she shows it with a bouncing happy dance and flinging her paws in your general direction. She is a sweet, loving dog with pure positive energy, and was the shining star of the dogs who spent their winter training with Al as yearlings.

Race Experience:
2019 (with Al Borak in MI)
Apostle Islands 80 (coming in first and earning the nickname ‘the undefeated Spiller)
Midnight Run

Born: 2017

Dupa (Groeneveld) x Goon (Thurston)

‘Spiller’ was an axe company in Oakland, ME