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Vega was...well...an impulse purchase when I was in Michigan for the UP200. I was curious about her when offered her, and then when I met her fell in love with her: her natural athleticism, her intelligence, and her big brown eyes. Vega is incredibly intelligent and is an absolutely beautiful dog, with soft bunny-rabbit fur and a constantly wagging tail when I visit her in her circle.

Vega has been an interesting personality to work with over the past few years. Despite her natural ability, Vega is surprisingly lacking in confidence. It took a great deal of trust building to have her not kick me in the face when I tried to bootie her, and I could see the wheels turning in her head while she figured out what racing was all about during the Beargrease. She also was one of the weirdest eaters and drinkers, until it finally clicked when we were in MN and on the drive home she ate and drank everything. Vega is hard driving and has been building confidence running in the middle of the team with Hawkeye.

Vega’s litter was a constellation litter, including Denab, Altair, and Polaris.

Race Experience:
Beargrease Marathon

Born: 2015

Cinna (Stielstra) x Ramblin’ (Berkowitz)