Victor Hugo

Sponsored by Maddy Carr and Greg, Dayna and Gunnar

In mushing, we talk about 'honest dogs'. We talk about dogs that are clear in purpose, hard in head, and fiercely loyal to their musher, their team, and the work of the trail ahead. While, sure, all dogs are honest because they are...well....dogs, and lying doesn't come naturally to them, a true 'honest dog' is in a category of their own. 

Victor Hugo is a true honest dog. 

Victor Hugo is a communicator with the highest degree of emotional intelligence of any dog in the team. Vic is an open book, and while most often he communicates love and joy sometimes he communicates stress or disappointment. It is very easy to listen to Victor because he talks so loudly. When the runs get longer, and there are more of them, I've noticed that Victor just keeps getting happier. And happier. Victor is his best self when he's working. He is, truly, an honest dog.

Victor also thanks Christine Richardson (and Dory) for training him as a yearling, teaching him about Kongs, and supporting his ambition to be a racing dog. Victor came here as a puppy from the Alaskan kennel of Brenda Mackey, and as more of her lines populate the team there is an increased sense of capability and a calmer energy.

In his first year racing, Victor truly shone during the remote Can Am 250. Iā€™m hoping to see him continue to grow in confidence and leadership in years to come.

Victor Hugo was named in the tradition of writers with a social justice purpose. Victor Hugo, known for his Hunchback of Notre Dame, was also a social activist.

Race Experience:
Beargrease Marathon
Can Am 250

Born: 2016
Sultan (Mackey) x Andes (Mackey)