Willie in lead at the Can Am 250 2019

Willie in lead at the Can Am 250 2019

Willie Nelson Jr

Sponsored by Chris Garby

If you hear a sound from the dogyard that sounds like a strangled baby Wookie, that’d be Willie Jr.. Willie Nelson Jr is the spitting image (albeit a bit smaller) of his pop Willie Nelson, who is one of the core and foundational dogs for my friend Chase Tingle in AK. Chase and I started in dogs together, and I’m so psyched that we finally have some of his dogs here. Willie Jr is a handsome devil who is calm and serious….until you try to pet him and then he is impossible to handle. Wilie Jr has turned out to have a natural leadership and is one speed demon in lead when he puts the hammer down. I’m excited to cultivate him in lead in the years to come.

Race Experience:
Can Am 250 2019

Born: 2017

Parents: Willie Nelson (Tingle) x Meadow (Turner)