Willie in lead at the Can Am 250 2019

Willie in lead at the Can Am 250 2019

Willie Nelson Jr

Sponsored by Chris Garby

If you hear a sound from the dogyard that sounds like a strangled baby Wookie, that’d be Willie Jr.. Willie Nelson Jr is the spitting image (albeit a bit smaller) of his pop Willie Nelson, who is one of the core and foundational dogs for my friend Chase Tingle in AK. Chase and I started in dogs together, and I’m so psyched that we finally have some of his family tree here.

Willie Jr is am old soul and handsome devil who is calm and serious….until you try to pet him and then he is impossible to handle and turns into a splaying attack of paws. He is small but mighty, and can usually be spotted in the team with his bright pink harness and his head down working hard. Willie was the only yearling in the team last year, and I barely noticed his youth. The only challenge we have with Willie is teaching him to eat, as he’s a bit of a weird eater, which we think he inherited from his grandmother Teva who ran the Iditarod eating one kibble at a time. Wilie Jr has turned out to have a natural leadership and is a speed demon in lead when he puts the hammer down. I’m excited to cultivate him in lead in the years to come.

Willie Nelson Jr is named after his dad, Willie Nelson, partly because I found it hilarious but also because of the family resemblance and because I was so dang excited to have one of Big Willie’s babies.

Race Experience:
Can Am 250 2019

Born: 2017

Parents: Willie Nelson (Tingle) x Meadow (Turner)