‘She’s about to become something for somebody,’ Al said when Gemma arrived in the spring of 2019. Al had been working with Gemma for a year, training her as a lead dog, and when Joan and Spiller returned Gemma arrived as well. Gemma came from the kennel of Bruce and Monica Magnusson, and while I teased Al before I met her that she might be too houndy (the Magnusson’s race short fast races, against sprinty hound teams), I was really happy to be greeted by that poofy tail.

Gemma gives the best hugs. Hugs that curl around as she twists into a donut, hugs that burrow as she puts her head under your arm, and traditional sled dog hugs of legs around your waist. For this reason, I suspect it will always be a little bit hard to keep her from being spoiled rotten! A beautiful dog with a puffy tail and two-toned brown eyes, she has earned the nickname ‘Infern-a’ for her similar looks to Inferno.

I’m still getting to know Gemma’s style of leadership, and how she thrives. She is definitely opinionated, and does best with a leader who can hold their own, like the Princesses. She is upbeat, and a great hiking companion. I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s capable of this year.

Race Record:

2019 (With Al Borak):
Apostle Islands 80
Midnight Run 100

Born: 2015
Guru (Magnusson) x Cheyenne (Magnusson)